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5 Interview Tips for Dental Assistants

Virtually all dental offices will attempt to discover whether you’re an united team participant or not. You should prove that you could work and effectively with others efficiently. DON’T function as “lone wolf”, your function would be to cooperate with everyone to make the dental procedure as effective as possible. Show that you can to work and talk to others efficiently and you’re golden.

2. Common Questions

Common questions include “So what can you offer to the office?” and “What exactly are your disadvantages and strong factors?” and “Why do you wish to turn into a dental assistant to begin with?” Don’t make an effort to lie or it shall arrived at bite you in the butt later, be honest and make an effort to make yourself appear to be an indispensable worker. As mentioned above provide in you are an enormous team player and explain All of your experience and abilities. Show which you have an excellent attitude which will help keep carefully the work environment good and that you will discover no problem keeping in mind the office running effectively. For general interview queries have a look at this resource.

3. Personality

Just like in virtually any other work interview you should be self-confident. Every employer wants confidence in feasible candidates and the only path you will be self-confident is by finding your way through the interview. In dental care assisting you shall need to show a bit more however. Demonstrate you are dependable with attendance, attentiveness, function ethics, and educated in your field. Generate letters of recommendation to provide further proof.

4. Demonstrate That You’re Worth Gold

Remember, the function of a dental care assistant would be to make the dental care procedure as effective as you possibly can. Most offices are searching for ways to spend less these days plus they are always searching for those people who is able to do multiple duties for them. The better and reliable you’re the more valuable you may be to the practice. Prove you are that special person, highlight your abilities and assets.

5. More Experience = İncreased % to getting Hired

Dental offices are searching for experience in oral assisting and the duties you shall be performing. Employers are usually searching for chairside experience, laboratory encounter (making casts of tooth, temporary crowns, etc.), workplace/administrative experience, encounter in dental information, and encounter with preparatory dental procedures. The even more training and experience you have the higher you will fare.

If you get these interview strategies for dental assistants at heart you will likely obtain the job. If your employers discover you a potential candidate they’ll call you set for a second time for a “functioning interview”. Here it is possible showing your experience and abilities. If you obtain called set for a work interview you are going to obtain the job. Good luck!

Why You Should Become a Dental Assistant

Why You Should Become a Dental Assistant

Becoming a dental assistant can be a rewarding career with the opportunity to work with great people. The role of a dental assistant is to help the dentist in any way possible to speed up the dental process as efficiently as possible. A dental assistant is the supporting arms of the dentist and has a number of functions around the office, depending on which state you work in. It usually includes interaction with patients and assisting the dentist in the oral procedure.

The reason why you should become a dental assistant is because the demand for them is steadily rising. The occupation is one of the fastest growing jobs right now, with a job outlook for 2010-20 at an increase of 31% which is much faster than the average of most other occupations. In 2010 there was an average of 300,000 dental assistants in the United States and is expected to increase by another 100,000 by 2020. This means there are lots of job opportunities out there for those who are interested and jobs are available almost anywhere you live. Dental assistants also have little formal education which means it is easier to find a job. This depends on state requirements however.

If you are interested in dentistry then this could be a great opportunity for you. With an average median salary of $33,470 annually and a flexible schedule dental assisting can be a great career. Becoming certified can make you more money and gives your employer more trust. Pay varies by region but if you are interested in furthering your career in dentistry by pursuing dental hygienist or dentist then dental assisting will be great experience to get a first hand glimpse at what those jobs entail.

What is also great about dental assisting is that you can work around your schedule. Part time and full time work is offered with normal hours of operations. You don’t have to work holidays or weekends which is very important if you have a family or go to school. Generally you will have paid holidays off and most dental assistants can receive a large discount on dental care.

If you love working with people in a positive work environment, if you have great communication skills, if you want a fun and rewarding career then dental assisting might just be for you. Learn more about how to become one in your state and start your career in dentistry as soon as possible! Or learn more about what to expect as a dental assistant!

Registered Dental Assistant Salary

Registered Dental Assistant Salary

Are you interested in becoming a registered dental assistant? Not all states require you to become a registered however as most don’t even have any formal requirements to become a basic dental assistant but becoming registered oftentimes has benefits. You should check with the DANB website first. Be sure to look for registered dental assistant information though and not certified dental assistant information because they are two completely different job titles both with different benefits. Becoming registered means that you are officially recognized by your state as a registered dental assistant whereas becoming certified means you are a nationally recognized dental assistant. Usually training programs to become registered run for about 1 year. After you’ve covered whether your state requires registration or not you can continue to learn about what a registered dental assistant salary is.

Registered Dental Assistant Salary

On average a registered dental assistant makes around $13 to $20 an hour based on data from 2010. Factors affecting wages include location, employer, and years of experience. Becoming registered doesn’t always provide for a higher salary but it does provide your employer more trust and sometimes you are able to perform more duties. It also becomes easier to get hired. Expect a registered dental assistant salary to be a few thousand more per year than basic dental assistant salaries. The range generally falls around $27,165 – $39,775. There are also areas that offer a higher wage for registered dental assistants. The District of Columbia pays the most with an annual wage of $45,630. Alaska, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts follow with annual salaries around $40,730 to $43,670. The top-paying metro areas include Santa Rosa-Petaluma, California; Manchester, New Hampshire; Anchorage, Alaska; Taunton-Norton-Raynham, Massachusetts; and Waterbury, Connecticut.

It certainly carries many benefits to becoming registered however including the registered dental assistant salary and is highly recommended to have the upper edge in the field. To make even more consider becoming certified.

More about dental assistant salary on the homepage.

Certified Dental Assistant Salary

Are you looking to become a certified dental assistant? There are many benefits to becoming certified including a nice boost in salary and other things as well. Becoming certified means you are nationally recognized as a dental assistant and can often work in any state as long as you meet minimum requirements. Certification is not a necessity but it greatly increases your chances of getting hired as a DA as well as keeping the job. Often you will gain more of your employer’s trust and also the dentist’s which can allow you to have expanded functions and duties. If you’re wondering how to get certified you can read this article to find out the process. To learn more about certified dental assistant salary, continue on.

Certified Dental Assistant Salary

According to DANB a median certified dental assistant salary is around $18.60 an hour which is about $1.54 more per hour than basic non-certified dental assistants. The median salary of a non-certified dental assistant is about $33,350 so certification can definitely help to increase your wages. This can amount to a good sum over time and is well worth the investment. Many certified DAs say that the benefits of becoming certified is well worth the effort, being that the process is fairly straightforward and isn’t too difficult. A survey regarding CDAs say that 85 perfect of CDAs receive paid vacation benefits; 57 percent receive major medical insurance; 61 percent receive a 401(K) or pension plan; 53 percent receive free dental care; 61 percent receive paid sick leave; and 82 percent receive paid holidays. This can depend whether you work full or part-time however. But the numerous other benefits are great incentives to becoming certified too. Certified dental assistants are in substantially higher demand than non-certified DAs meaning chances of getting a job are much higher and your employer will pay higher wages to keep you. Certification generally means more experience making you much more valuable and appreciated in the office. So besides a higher certified dental assistant salary you will also receive many more benefits as well.

Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary is your one stop destination to kick start your career! Are you interested in becoming a DA or just learning about the occupation? It is an ever growing field with over 300,000 in the US in 2010 and is expected to grow by 31% by 2020! Most DA’s work in healthcare dental offices and some work in Federal and State government. They are in high demand so your chances of becoming one are excellent! There are an estimated 80,000 annual dental assistant job openings!

Pursuing a job as a DA can also be great experience if you want to further your career in the field of dentistry. Lots of dental assistants go on to become dental hygienists and even dentists! Not only that but there is high job satisfaction, a great salary, and great benefits as well.


Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary


DA’s are crucial members of the dental care team. They help the dentist by increasing the efficiency of the entire procedure. Strong communication skills, hands on learning, and a career with responsibility are some of the characteristics of becoming one.


Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary

A dental assistant salary is more than great being that you don’t need years of formal education like dental hygienists or dentists. In fact most DA’s only have a high school diploma. That means there are tons of openings for people looking to become one. The average median dental assistant salary ranges but is somewhere around $33,350 per year which is about $16.09 per hour. The low 10% can expect a $25,605 salary while the top 10% can expect a $40,750 salary. You can also expect social security, 401K/403B, disability, healthcare, pension, and time off benefits which can be invaluable. Salary wages vary largely by state, city, and level of experience. The highest paying cities are Manchester, NH, San Francisco, CA, Barnstable Town, MA, Anchorage, AK, and Minneapolis, MN. If you’re passionate about dental assisting there’s good money to be made!

Registered(RDA) and certified(CDA) dental assistants can make more by obtaining a registered license or national certification. With it you can expect to earn an average of $1.54 more than regular dental assistants, potentially making an average of $36,670 a year.




Job Description

Dental Assistant Salary

Dental Assistant Salary

A DA has many roles. Typically they include preparing medications, sterilizing/preparing dental instruments, taking x-rays, record keeping, assisting the dentist with oral surgery, and instructing patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible until the dentist is ready to operate. Usually DA’s work in offices employing less than 100 people so their jobs are important. Their work revolves very closely around dentists and are crucial for making the procedure as efficient and effective as possible. Duties vary by office and state so it’s important to see what your job in each state entails.






As far as requirements go most employers don’t require formal education, depending on state. Most dental assistants only have a high school degree (about 78%) and ~33% have experience of less than 1 year. 23% have experience of 2-5 years, 18% have 5-10 years experience, and 11% have 10-15. This means that becoming a DA is relatively straightforward as most assistants receive skills on the job. If you go through training programs in community colleges, trade schools, technical institutes, or from the military your chances will be that much higher and you will receive a higher starting salary. Some states require you to be licensed or registered however it is a fairly straightforward process as well. Dental assistant school is strongly recommended to have the upper edge in the field.


Advancement Opportunities

If you are already a DA you can always further your career with a number of options. You can always take it a step further and become a registered/certified dental assistant (RDA/CDA) and earn a higher dental assistant salary or you can continue your education and become a dental hygienist or even a dentist. There are even options of becoming DA instructors, dental product sales representatives, or office managers if you’re willing to. Dental assisting is a great building block to further your career in dentistry.




Registered(RDA) and certified(CDA) DA’s have the potential to make much more by obtaining a registered license or national certification. Becoming registered means you receive your state license title and becoming certified means you receive national certification which can allow you to undertake expanded functions. In California a registered DA must pass several examinations and complete a certification course accredited with the American Dental Association. A certified DA must pass a national test administered by the DANB.